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Flora & fauna

Flora & fauna

Gedling Country Park has been specially designed to incorporate different habitats and attract a wide variety of wildlife, including badgers, deer, raptors and other birds, small mammals and a wide range of native trees and meadow/grassland plants.

Here are some of the different wildlife environments you can find around the park.


Around the edges of the lagoons plants like Brooklime and Marsh Marigold grow in the damp mud. Froglets and Toadlets can be found amongst the vegetation. Worms, snails, wading birds and small mammals such as shrews can also be seen here.

Yellow iris and Common Reed grow in the shallow water. Frogs, toads and newts lay their spawn here and tadpoles feed on the algae. The reed attracts a number of over-wintering birds such as Reed bunting, Coots and Moorhens.

The deep water provides space for many creatures including the Great Diving Beetle, Caddisflies and Dragonfly nymphs.

The surface of the water is home to Pond Skaters, Swallows and Dragonflies and you can sometimes see Daubenton’s Bats fly past.


This rich habitat provides a nesting ground for Skylarks and Lapwings. We also have a herd of cows visit throughout the year. The grasslands are home to many native wildflowers, including meadow cranesbill and bird’s foot trefoil. There are lots of invertebrates and small mammals here too. Have a look out for our residents in amongst the grass on your next visit.

Butterfly walk

On this path you should look out for Common Blue, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Small Heath and Small and Large White butterflies. You can find the path marked on the Park Map.


On the grassland near the solar farm, this habitat attracts many invertebrates, waders and migratory birds as they fly over.


These young woodlands, featuring birch, oak, alder and hawthorn trees, already have a wealth of wildlife using them.

Community orchard

Near the Butterfly Walk and Bee Garden, you can find a new orchard. Over 20 native fruit and blossom trees have been planted, including apple trees, heritage pear trees, damson trees and cherry trees. Many of the trees originate from the Nottingham area and provide the perfect habitat for many insects, birds and fungi.

The orchard plays a vital part in supporting local wildlife due to the produce created from the trees.

Commemorative woodland

Coming soon...

6,000 trees will be planted between the country park and Digby Park in Arnold, to form a new woodland that will provide a peaceful place for people to visit to remember loved ones they have lost.