Things to do

Walking, running & cycling

Park routes

The park has many routes for people of all ages and abilities to be able to enjoy exercise while taking in the stunning views.

The park has a series of trails to allow you to get round the park easily. The routes have been graded for length and difficulty, so you can choose a route that is suitable for you.

Routes for all abilities

The routes are all named after areas of the colliery that once inhabited the site. They cater for everyone, whether you fancy a quick stroll with a pushchair or a strenuous workout that incorporates a long route and steep inclines:

  • Top Hard (Red) – 2.8km long with some steep inclines
  • High Hazles (Blue) – 1.4km with gentle slopes suitable for wheelchair users
  • Main Bright (Yellow) – 2.7km of mainly easy paths but with a sharp slope at one point
  • Low Hazles (Green) – at 5.7km it’s the longest route with several steep parts

All routes are circular and are signposted at every junction.

The park has a nature trail you can follow too.

park map

Park run

The park hosts weekly parkruns. These free, fun events are a great way to get into running, jogging or walking and a really sociable community.

Saturday mornings have 5k runs and on Sunday mornings we have 2k junior parkruns (for ages 4-14). They are all completely free. Find out more and register at the Parkrun website.

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